Did you try shooting?

Do you know how many thresholds there are at the shooting range Praha? And have you ever tried shooting at a target range? If not, you are missing out and you should give it a try too. Shooting is a hobby that you can try too. Society may consider him strange and unconventional, but that doesn`t have to deter you at all. It is enough if you want to learn to shoot and the instructors at the shooting range will show you everything. As someone collects stamps, so I am dedicated to shooting. In the beginning, of course, I couldn`t do it and I couldn`t hit the target, but then it got better over time, and it was cool. And I have also improved in shooting and now I am shooting professionally, and I am very happy for that.


The first time I saw shooting at the shooting range was at my grandfather`s. He had guns and also practiced shooting and happened to be quite good at it. I admired him a lot as a little girl. Well, my other grandfather, he was a policeman again and I admired him too. They were both amazing people that I adored and it`s a shame that they are no longer in this world. I often think of them and wish they would go back, but unfortunately no one can turn back time and I am terribly sorry. It hurts all the more when I think back to the memories we had together.


And I often worry about this. Sometimes I even cry because I feel so sorry and somehow, I can`t deal with it all the time. And everyone has it, it`s completely normal. Losing a loved one hurts, but we can`t do anything about it, and it`s all the more difficult to accept. If I had one wish, I wish I could turn back time and if I could, I would do it immediately. Both grandfathers were my huge role models. And of course, I will never forget them and I will always have them in my heart and remember them and go to their graves, which is what I do anyway and I believe that they hear me and that there is something between heaven and earth and that life does not end with the death of a person.